Youth With A Mission, also known as YWAM (pronounced “WHY-wham”), is an international, interdenominational, faith-based missions movement of believers from many cultures, age groups, and christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the entire world. We are united by a common purpose: To Know God And To Make Him Known.

Loren and Darlene Cunningham founded YWAM in 1960. Their main focus was to get youth involved in short-term and long-term missions. This was a new and incredibly revolutionary idea at the time. Today, YWAM's focus is still on youth, however, we now have YWAMers of all ages—from pre-schoolers to great-grandparents in their 90's—since scripture emphasizes the importance of a multi-generational church and the role of elders to equip and mentor tomorrow's leaders. YWAM is one of the world’s largest missions movements and currently works in more than 1,100 locations in over 180 countries. One of the joys of joining YWAM is working with people from all over the world since YWAM’s staff hails from over 130 countries.

YWAM Network for Strategic Initiatives (YWAM NSI) is the parent corporation of YWAM Ascend, a leadership development and missions training and sending center focused on precipitating an Awakening & Restoration Revival in America, and reaching the seven most strategic mission fields of the 21st Century: Central Asia, China, Europe, Iran, The Middle East, Northern India and the Himalayas, and The Sahel Belt of Africa. Part of reaching these regions with the Gospel includes playing a significant role in YWAM's End Bible Poverty Now initiative: providing oral and written Bible translations to the 1,700 languages which have no form of scripture whatsoever. YWAM NSI also provides member care for those either on or coming off the field with counseling, debriefing and re-entry services. YWAM NSI is blessed to be in partnership with many church networks, denominations, international ministries, and other YWAM Bases around the world to accomplish the vision that God has given us.