Editorial Note: Our goal is to provide the reader with a keyhole in which to peer out into the world which we live—a world which is rejecting Biblical truth and moving away from Unipolar status and into Multipolar chaos. Therefore this news feed primarily focuses on the foreshocks that ultimately precede the catastrophic earthquake, but also highlights some good news of what God is doing in the midst of it all. Some of the issues we'll track include the decline of the West politically, economically, morally, socially, and militarily as well as global challengers to the Unipolar world order, and the mindset of the regressive political left, and its negative effects on our culture and institutions.

July 15, 2019

ONly 9% of Christian have a Biblical World View

Jaelene Hinkle, who refused to wear LGBTQ Pride Month jerseys, left off USWNT World Cup roster

Peter Thiel Blasts "Treasonous" Google for Choosing China military of US military

Court rules Trump admin can ax Planned Parenthood funding, as much as $60 million

Iran Is Using Russian 'Gray Zone' Tactics, In Echoes Of Ukraine

July 11, 2019

Royal Navy’s HMS Montrose Defeats Iranian Attempt to Seize Oil Tanker in Strait of Hormuz

German Prosecutor: 'Rule of Law In Berlin No Longer Functional'

Sweden: Police Find Difficulties Prosecuting Paeodophiles On 'Sugar Baby' Websites

Report: 22 U.N. Countries Condemn China For Muslim Concentration Camps

Scientists Discover Radiation Leak '100,000 Times Normal' From Russian Nuclear Sub Wreck

Amazon pulls books by authors who once identified as gay, lesbian

July 8, 2019

Americans rarely seek guidance from clergy

Christian family details crackdown on church in China

Vice President Mike Pence Speaks at Christians United for Israel

July 1, 2019

Report: U.S. Emergency Alert System Can Be Hijacked and Weaponized

Parents Call Out School Board's Transgender Policy Proposal

Montana Governor Vetoes Campus Free Speech Bill

Ohio Middle School Scrubs 92-year-old Ten Commandment's Plaque After Atheists Complain

Hong Kong Erupts As Pro-Democracy Protesters Storm Government Offices

June 27, 2019

Homeland Security Investigations Unveils Hundreds of 'Fraudulant Families' At Southern Border

Poll: Young Americans' Acceptance LGBTQ Plunges 63% to 45 % In Two Years

Christian Doc In UK Could Lose Medical License For Sharing Faith With Patients

Christian Village In Mali 'Virtually Wiped Out' After Jihadists Massacre 100 Men, Women, and Children

June 24, 2019

Report: Christian Persecution 2019 a Scourge of ‘Mammoth Proportions’

Pompeo: 2018 Religious Freedom Report Finds 'Extreme Hostilities' To All Faiths In China

Germany Sees Thirty Anti-Christian Attacks In Two Months

'Police Haters' Taunt Officers At Scene Of Line-Of-Duty Shooting That Killed Female Rookie

Internet preachers rise as more worshipers migrate online

June 17, 2019

Chinese Christians Memorize Bible, Because Guards 'Can't Take What's Hidden In Your Heart'

Christian Persecution Close To 'Genocide Levels' Largely Ignored Due To 'Political Correctness': Report

Chinese Officials Warn Christianity An 'Enormous Harm' To Society

Mexican Feds, DEA Raid 'Industrial-Scale' Fentanyl Lab In Border State

Iran To Break Nuclear Deal Uraniam Stockpile Limit

PC Activists Want To Remove Lewis & Clark Statue

How Victim Mentality Is Pushing Women Towards Socialism

Christians lead Protestors in singing of "Sing Hallelujah to the Lord"